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My Unchained Journey Story Begins Here

I was very blessed to have a Father that not only encouraged me and told me I could do or be anything I wanted to be but he EMPOWERED me and gave me CONFIDENCE to pursue my dreams. This is probably one of the greatest gifts he ever gave me. In my life I have noticed that so many women were not given this gift and it has always made me want to help them find it. From high school on I started practicing listening, which has given me the opportunity over and over to help people, especially women, work through their struggles. As a leader, I have had many opportunities to help women gain confidence and become empowered to become strong and find their own path.

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marci almond

My Story Continued

For 6 years, I had some major struggles, having a major medical surgery go wrong, almost dying, struggling with PTSD and panic attacks, losing my identity and finding the strength to fight on. This was a HARD journey, one I wasn’t sure I would find my way through. It brought up issues from a dysfunctional childhood that I wasn’t even aware I was still dealing with. I was stuck and felt like chains were holding me back and I just couldn’t break free and move forward into a place of joy.  This journey made me really focus in on who I thought I was and who I wanted to be, how my mind kept holding me back and how to readjust and find my own truth about myself that wasn’t held back but was FREE and EMPOWERED once again. Once I really started thinking about all I had been through and who I became through it, I realized there had to be a reason for this journey I had just been on. As I thought about it, I came to understand that this path was meant to teach me how to help others to find their own UNCHAINED JOURNEY. I was so excited about this revelation I began looking into how to be able to help others and discovered the profession of professional coaching. I immediately moved forward to get certified and began my practice.

I have never in my life loved a career as much as this. There is something so rewarding about watching others find their own answers within their own journey. To hear their voice elevate as they get excited about the possibilities. To watch them blossom before your very eyes and become a better version of themselves. We all have different paths and my goal in life is to help you find yours.

My husband, Damon and I have been together for 33 years. We have 3 amazing adult children, a 7 year old grandson and a new grandbaby on the way. Next to my faith, my family is the center of my world. I am very active, love to play sports, especially powder puff football, softball and volleyball. My favorite season is Fall when all the colors change and you can curl up with a good book by the fire and drink a cup of tea. My secret passion is traveling to new places, trying new foods, immersing myself in other cultures and environments and finding as many places possible to have “High Tea!”

I look forward to walking with you on your UNCHAINED JOURNEY!


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